The Fearless Hook & Ladder Company #1of Perkinsville ( Perkinsville Fire Department ) was organized in 1891. The entrance fee of 50 cents for charter members was paid by 23 members. The following men were listed Alonzo Bill, Peter J. Brick, Frank Bricks, Frank J. Conrad, Jakob Didas, John Engle, Benjamin Gottschell, Lewis Gottschell, Joseph  Huette, John Hoffman, Christian Miller, Nick Matler Jr., Nick Morsch, E. Ritz, J.C. Spencer, Nick F. Smith, John Smith, Lewis Schneiter, J.E. Schu, C.C. Smith, William Schutz Jr., Peter Weiand, and the Hon. J.B. Whiteman. Our founding fathers.
   Their first priority was to begin to raise money to build a fire hall. They decided to hold dances with live bands that were the most popular entertainment of the day. The first dance was held on November 1891 at Brick's Hall.
   Their plans moved along; by January 21, 1892 they voted to sell shares to stock holders to build a fire hall. A committee was appointed to select a lot to build on.
    At the April 7, 1892 meeting they accepted Mr. Federkiel's extended contract of 6 months. This is the first mention of a proposed property for the new building.
    August 1892 new officers were elected as follows: Chris Miller- President, Nick Malter Jr.- Vice President, J. Spencer- Secretary, Nick Smith- Treasurer. At this meeting specifications were accepted for building a hall.
    In March of 1893 they voted to buy a hand pulled fire wagon, they referred to as a truck. No mention of its cost or where the money came from to buy it. They set June 5th for a dedication ceremony.
    Talk resumed on building a hall.In March 1898 the secretary was authorized to have the treasurer pay Mr. P. Federkiel $2.50 for the land purchased (at that amount, it indicated he must have given it as a gift). Some time after that the building was complete.
     Peter Weiand served as President of the Fire Company from 1912 to 1934. During this time World War 1 broke out and many of the men were called to duty.
     Carl Johantgen Sr. directed the purchase of a 1925 Stewart pumper truck from the Dansville Fire Department in 1939.This update of our equipment considerably from a former hand pulled chemical wagon.
     In 1949 the men borrowed $4,000.00 to purchase a tanker truck and build an addition as a garage for the truck. The men attended fire drills twice a week to keep their know-how up to par. 
They upgraded the equipment in 1953 by adding more fire hose, air packs, rain coats, insulated  


boots, fire extinguishers, chimney fuses, and kept the truck in running order.
     Many of the members served in office at one time for at least two years, some more than that. Some who served as President were: Art Malter, Herm Last, John Mark, Robert Didas, Gerald Conrad, and Adam Engel. Fire Chiefs were Charles Morsch,Sylvester Rauber,George Huber, Richard Conrad, Norb Huber Sr., and Tom Huber Sr.
     Some major fires were Herman Huber's barn caught fire in August 1954. Wilson LaBell's barn fire in 1956 which was a total loss. 
     We sold the tanker truck in 1965 and purchased a new pumper chassie for $5,534.00. A new roof was put on in 1968 since the patching didn't last.
      During the late 60's into the 70's those holding office as President were: Tom Huber Sr., Carl Meyers, Herman Huber, John Mark, Ray Thielges Jr., Tim Mark and Carl Johantgen Jr.
      The Ladies Auxiliary was formed in April 1971 and took over where the Perk-O-laters left off supporting when needed. The Auxiliary prepares the annual Fall dinner in October and they assist at the 50-week club party.
      It was decided that the fire truck needed upgrading. They took out a loan to purchase a new 1975 International tanker at a cost of $17,424.00. Along with that a new truck house needed to be built. Raymond Hughes headed up a special fund drive to help defray the cost of the new truck and the truck house which brought in $1,600.00.
      The fireman introduced another source of revenue in April 1977 by serving pancake breakfast once a month, which continues today on the second Sunday of the month from October to May. Each member of the breakfast committee has fined tuned their jobs which results in a very efficient serving system as well as delicious food.
       In 1979 the windows in the front of the building were changed from contributions given in memory of John "Pinky" Engel.
       In the 80's the following served as President: Jim Conrad, Frank Rauber, Tom Hayes, Raymond Thielges 3rd, and Norb Huber Sr. Serving as Fire Cheif: Norb Huber Sr. and Tom Huber Jr.
       In 1988 we purchased a 1983 Mac Tool truck and converted into a Squad Truck. We also replaced the 2,200 gal. tank on the tanker truck with a 3,000 gal. stainless steel tank. This increased our ability to hall water.
       In the 90's Norb Huber Sr. served as President. Serving as Fire Chief were: Tom Huber Jr, John Wagner, and Walt Drum Jr.
       In 1992 it was decided that the 1964 pumper needed to be replaced. A new 1993 International pumper was purchased for $137,000.00. It was put in service in June of 1993.
       From 2000 to present Norb Huber Sr. serves as President. Serving as Fire Chief is Walt Drum Jr.

       It was decided a new chasse was needed for the tanker. The 1975 International chassey was under powered and slow on the hills. A 2000 AutoCar chasse with a 430 horse power engine was purchase for around $70,000.00. The tank and body from the old tanker was put on the new chassey. It was put in service in September of 2000.
       An upgrade of our brush and grass firefighting equipment was needed. In 2003 a 2003 Chevy HD pickup and skid unit were purchased for $37,000.00. This truck replaced a 1980 Ford van.
       In 2005 the fire department applied for a Assistance to Firefighters Grant form DHS and received $105,000.00. It was used to purchase: 22 set of turnout gear, 6 air packs, pagers, portable radios, thermal imaging camera, exhaust system for the truck room as well as a permanent generator for the hall. A special thanks goes to Dan & Sara Cansdale for all of their hard work and time that they put in on this project.
       In the fall of 2006 it was decided that the truck room needed to be expanded. Help would be needed with funding for the project. An application was filled out for funding through Senator George H. Winner Jr. office. In April 2007 we received a letter stating that we were approved to receive $40,000.00 for the new addition. The total cost of the project was around $64,000.00. It was completed in late fall of 2007.
      It was decided in the fall of 2008 that the 1983 converted Mac Tool Truck was becoming unsafe to transport firefighters to calls. The chiefs started looking for a used squad truck. One was found in Swormsville but the truck was well used and needed some work. They then started looking at the stock truck program. A new 2007 Kenworth Squad Truck manufactured by Pierce Contender was found online at their web site for $202,500.00. An Officer and Board of Directors meeting was held. It was decided to purchase the truck. A few thing needed to be add to the truck. The total cost for the squad truck was $213,311.00. It was put in service on February 12, 2009. It is a great addition to the fire department. It allows Perkinsville to respond calls in The Town of Wayland and Mutual Aid Communities in a better and safe way.
      On January 4th. 2009 we had 3 firefighters start Firefighter I class in Livingston County. Two of the three were woman. For the first time in the history of this great department they had two woman trying to become interior firefighters. These three firefighters spent alot of time away from there families, 3 months of training for Firefighter I. On March 28th., 2009 they graduated from Firefighter I to become interior firefighters. Katrina McHargue and Lori Sprague became the first two female Certified Interior Firefighters in Perkinsville Fire Department history. 
      On November 14, 2009 the Department had two more firefighters graduate Firefighter I that brought the total to 5 New Interior Firefighters for 2009. This is a great accomplishment for a small department. As of November 14, 2009 the department has 13 Interior Firefighters.
      On January 27,2010 the department received notification that it will receive a grant from Assistance to Firefighters Grant (DHS) in the amount of $24,058.00. This will buy 10 sets of new turnout gear, 10 pagers, and 4 portable radios. At the end the fire department saved $2080,
this aloud the department to buy extra equipment. The items were 2- 200 Ft. rescue ropes with bags to put them in, DeWalt Sawsall, Barracuda Rescue Saw, Plastic Rescue Strecher, and an AC Voltage Detector.
       In the spring and summer of 2010 two member of the fire department, ( Jim Barlow and Tom Shaffer) took First Responder training classes. They completed the class with passing a final exam in August of 2010.
       In the fall of 2010 is was decided renovate the upstairs to make a fitness room for the firefighters. 8 new windows were put in upstairs. The stage was cleaned and painted along with the back wall of the stage. The old canvas on the face of the stage was pulled off because of its pore condition and sheetrock was up up. The fire department maybe purchasing work out equipment for the Oakfield-Alabama School District in January or February of 2011 as the are buying new equipment. The fitness room is do to be completed in the spring of 2011.
       Fire department won the bid for the fitness equipment for $1200. Main Tire in Dansville donated the use for a truck for the department to bring the equipment back. On Feb 12th. a group went to pick up the equipment. It is now upstairs in the hall. The fitness room is to be open by June 1st.
       January 21, 2011 the fire department received a phone call and letter from the Monsanto Fund and America's Farmers Grow Communties. Cory Mark won for Steuben County, he could choose a non-profit organization to receive $2500.00 award, and he chose the Perkinsville Fire Department. The check presentation was on March 15,2011. The money went towards buying an AED and Suction Machine for our new First Responders Group. Perkinsville First Responder were put into servive in January 2012. Serving the Perkinsville Fire Department primary response area on EMS calls level C,D,E.
      In August of 2012 it was found that the cradle holding the tank of Tanker-47 to the frame was rusting apart. It was decided to spec a new body for the tanker. 4 - Guys won the bid to build a new body for Tanker-47. The spec included a poly tank rapped with stainless  steel, stainless steel body, 2 side dumps, new port-a-pond with a enclosed stainless side. While the Tanker-47 was gone the York Fire Department let us use one of there tankers. We picked up Tanker-47 in November.
      After years of long hard work in October of 2012 the Perkinsville Fire District was formed. Which included the hamlet of Perkinsville and the Loon lake area. Many personnel sacrifices were made in get this accomplished. Call volume rose from an average for 40 calls to an average of 72 calls a year.