Officers and Administration of the Department
Walt Drum Jr.
Walt Drum Jr.
 Bill Conrad
1st Asst. Chief
  Jody Tonkery
2nd. Asst. Chief
 Alex Curry
Safety Officer
Board of Directors
         John Wagner          Walt Drum Sr.
         Dick Huber              Bob Didas
                        Bob Hughes
  Ray Sellers

​Active Fire Fighters                                                                             Junior Fire Fighters

​James Barlow                                Brandon Rawleigh                         Tiffanie Drum
Jim Barlow                                     Dylan Rawleigh                              Kaitlyn Dotty
Kaitlyn Barlow                                Jason Rawleigh                             Dakota Coons
Alex Curry                                      Brian Rosell                                   Anthony 
Amanda Berry                                Garret Sahrle
Bill Conrad                                      Raymond Sellers
Nathan Conrad                               Jeffery Shay
Walter Drum Jr.                              Aaron Smith
Walter Drum Sr.                             Jody Tonkery
Joe Gettys                                      John wagner
Norbert Huber                                Jon Wagner
Robert Hughes
Andrew Imhof
Gerald Kiesl

Kaitlin Barlow
Jim Barlow
 Jody Tonkery
Asst. Treasurer
 Walt Drum Jr.
Vice President
 Jon Wagner
James Barlow