Events for November

6th..  Drill 6:30 PM 

9th. Turkey Raffle 7PM

11th. Pancake Breakfast 8AM to 11AM

12th. Commissioners Meeting 7PM  

20th.. Drill 6:30 PM

28th. Monthly Meeting 7:00 PM

Events for December

4th..  Drill 8AM

9th. Pancake Breakfast 8AM to 11AM

10th. Commissioners Meeting 7PM

18th. Drill 6:30 PM 

24th. Santa at the Hall 1PM to 2:30PM

26th. Monthly Meeting 7 PM 
Events for October

2nd.  Drill at 6:30 PM

8th.  Commissioners Meeting 7:00 PM

14th. Pancake Breakfast  8AM to 11AM 

16th.  Drill 7 PM

24th. Monthly Meeting  7:00 PM